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The Fit Process...

Runner/Walker Profile
     First, we will talk about what you will be doing in the shoes.  Whether you are a runner, walker, or using them at the gym or in exercise class it helps to understand what activities the shoes will endure. We will also talk about your specific physical history.  Are you dealing with any aches, pains, or injuries currently or in the recent past?  The more you tell us the more we will better understand your needs.

Walk/Jog Analysis
     While we chat about what you will be doing in the shoes, we will also watch you walk or jog so we can check out your gait and analyze your arch type.  After measuring the length and width of your feet, analyzing your arch type, and pairing that information with your profile, we will have a better idea of what style of shoe may work best for you.

     Here comes the fun get to try on shoes and tell us what feels good and what doesn't.  We will bring out shoes that best suit your needs, and from there we will watch you walk/run in them and want to hear what you like and don't like.  By the end of the fit process, our goal is that you have landed in a pair of shoes that are comfortable and appropriate for your use and needs!

The Brands we Carry:


  • Amphipod

  • Yak Trax

  • Black Diamond

  • Shokz

  • Seat Shield

  • Sweat X

  • Garmin

  • Tifosi

  • Ultraspire

  • Spibelt

  • Hyperice




  • Birdie


  • Brooks

  • Saucony

  • Mizuno

  • New Balance

  • Hoka

  • Kswiss

  • Currex

  • Powerstep

  • Spenco


  • GU

  • Clif

  • Run Gum

  • Tailwind

  • Skratch LABS

  • XACT

   Injury Relief & Massage:

  • Pro-Tec

  • KT Tape

  • Run Guard

  Soccer (Celina):

  • Adidas Soccer Balls 

  • MINGRU Air Pumps

  • Malker Shin Guards 

  • Amasoc

    • Fidget Spinners

    • Prewrap

  Pickleball (Celina):

  • Hittiona Pickleball Paddle Set

  • Amapic pickle balls​​

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