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2024Tour de Donut

Join us on August 24th 2024 for the annual Tour De Donut! The Tour de Donut is a unique bicycle event, where your ability to eat donuts is just as important as your ability to ride your bicycle fast. The event is a mass start timed ride where riders visit donut stops and eat donuts. For each donut the rider eats during the ride (and keeps down) they have 5 minutes deducted from their ride time. There are prizes in several classes including a Tour de Donut championship jersey for the best adjusted "donut time".

Single Riders

$35.00   8:30AM EDT


Donut Hole (9.72 M on bike path)

Mini (19.70 M),

Full (34.40 M)

Double D (58.50 M),

Full ElliptiGO (34.40 M)

Virtual Ride Pick Your Distance


$35.00  8:30AM EDT


Donut Hole Recumb.(9.72 M on bike path) Mini Recumbent (19.70 M)

Full Recumbent (34.40 M)

Double D Recumbent (58.50 M)


$65.00   8:30AM EDT


Donut Hole Tandem (9.72 M on bike path) Mini Tandem (19.70 M)

Full Tandem (34.40 M)

Double D Tandem (58.50 M)

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