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Its Your Story

Some days it feels natural and almost easy. Other days, each step is a struggle and we just want to give up. Through it all though, we continue to fight, pushing ourselves one step at a time. The great thing about running though- it is exactly what we make it. For some, that means running. For others, it means walking. Run or Walk, 5k or 100 mile ultra- there's no right or wrong. Just YOU, and YOUR personal goals. At CSRC we believe in you, as a runner or a walker, and are here to support you. So come join us for a group run and see all we have to offer.  

Get all the info on our CSRC Training Group HERE

5K/10K Training Group

Our 5K/10K Training Group is designed for many different people.  Perhaps you are trying to get back to running after a break, have a time goal in mind, want some accountability, are looking for social interaction, or would like to complete (whether walking or running) your first race.  

This 8 week program will meet once a week to discuss how your training is going and to run together.  You will be given a basic training plan, working toward our "goal race".  The cost of the program is $50.  Piqua's program will begin the week of March 23rd, and Coldwater will begin the week of April 27th.  

Want to join us?  Contact Amanda at or stop by the store to sign up!


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321 N Main St.

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