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Full and Half Marathon Training Group

Starting June 6, 2019

Want to feel the rush of crossing that finish line, but unsure about how to train? Don't want to do it alone? Then let us help you! Whether its your 1st or 15th race, and regardless of your current pace, all you need is the will to try and dedication to train. Come join Judy for the Half and Full Marathon including consultation, personal training plan and weekly a shirt and store discounts!

To register, either visit the store to register in person or call the store to register over the phone.


Winter 2019 Full and Half Training Group


Its Your Story

Some days it feels natural and almost easy. other days each step is a struggle and we just want to give up. Through it all though, we continue to fight, pushing  ourselves one step at a time. The great thing about Running though- It is exactly what we make it. for some that means running and for others it means walking. Run or Walk, 5k or 100 mile ultra- there's no right or wrong. just YOU, and YOUR personal goals. At CSRC we believe in you, as a runner or a walker, and are here to support you. So come Join us for a group run and see all we have to offer  

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