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Training Team

The CRSC Training Team is a monthly coaching/training program that will run year-round.  Cost is $35/month.  This includes:

-Individualized Training Plan

-Training Team Specific Runs

-Weekly Newsletter Communication

-Private Team Facebook Group

-Access to dedicated Coach/Training Team Leader

-Team Exclusive Apparel and Sale Opportunities

Training Team can be joined or cancelled at any time.  It is ideal for the runner who wants to take their training to the next level! 

Perhaps you are looking at doing your first marathon, ultra, or trying for a BQ.  Maybe you are trying to break 3 hours in a half, or you just love a structured training plan.  No matter your goal, we are here to help you achieve success.

Session 1 will be focused on Trail Running. It is NOT required you have a goal of a trail race to join Session 1.  Trail running is more or less the "flavor" of our first session, and what our group runs will be focused on, but those with road race goals will equally benefit.

For more details, additional questions, or to join the team, email Judy at:

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